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Origami: X-wing

Origami: X-wing
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Origami X-wing from StarWars.
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March 10, 2017

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Transcript text content of a PDF document x-wing.pdf:

© 2005 by Ching-Yu Hung


Developed in Feb ’05, diagrammed Nov ’05, by

Ching-Yu Hung

Start with a square piece of paper. Fold into water
bomb base with the desired color side out.

1. Make a waterbomb base. Mountain fold on
diagonals and valley fold on horizontal and vertical
halves. Push the paper so that the center rises up
like a pyramid, then lay it down and flatten it.

2. Take one flap and inner-reverse fold.

3. Outer-reverse fold that flap so that the obtuse
angle is slightly over the center line, and the bi-sect
angule line of the flap is parallel to the base.

4. Repeat 2 and 3 on all three other flaps. Then,
fold in the bottom part to sharpen the wings.

5. Fold in one of the flaps then out, as shown.

© 2005 by Ching-Yu Hung

6. Repeat 5 on all three other flaps.

7. Arrange the design 3-dimensional, and prop up
the cockpit, and we have the basic body design.

8. Making the engines involves scissor cuts. If you
prefer pure origami, skip to #15 to form the wing-tip
laser cannons. Cut each wing along the front edge,
about 5/6 of the length from the tip.

9. Fold the upper flaps up, and lower flaps down, on
the outer flap of each wing, parallel to the body of
the fighter. The 4 folded up flaps shall become the

10. Outer reverse fold an engine flap as shown.

11. Fold the tip of the engine flap in and out.

© 2005 by Ching-Yu Hung

12. Sink the top portion of engine as shown.

13. Use a chopstick to shape the engine round.

14 Repeat #10 to #13 on all three other engines.

15. Inner-reverse fold the wing tips forward and
sharpen to form laser cannons, and we’re done.

Origami: X-wing

PDF file: https://nekaneka2.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/x-wing.pdf

Microsoft Word - Origami X-Wing.doc (Ching)


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