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Tibha 3.0 autre fédé ilovepdf compressed 1

Tibha 3.0 autre fédé ilovepdf compressed 1
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March 5, 2018

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TOURNAMENTORGANIZATION•First, you must know that upon arriving in Saint Pierre des Corps, you will not have to worry about anything. Everything will be organized beforehand so that you can be in the best possible arrangements. •You will find below the different partners of the tournament:•KyriadHotel Saint Pierre des Corps 3 *: its location allows quick and easy access to Saint Pierre des Corps station. This hotel is just unrivalled. Double rooms will be offered (two single beds). Breakfast and dinner will be included in the cost of the tournament. Comfort is exceptional.•"Le Chevallier" : Catering within the sports complex for lunch. Adapted menus will be offered to sportsmen so they can eat in the best conditions. •Transportation: Super U minibus will run as a shuttle between the sports complex and the hotel.2

TOURNAMENTLOCALIZATION•The sports complex is located right in the north of Tours:Halle Monconseil, 75 Rue de la Chapelle, 37100 Tours.•Tours airport is located 6 km from Saint Pierre des Corps 288B AndrŽ Maginot Avenue, 37100. (see location).•A train station (GareSaint-Pierre-Des-Corps) is located right across the hotel.•A bus station (Tours) is located 5 km from Saint Pierre des Corps. Rue Edouard Vaillant, 37000 Tours.•The KyriadHotel, which will host all the athletes during this 3-day competition, is located 950 meters from the sports complex.


Airport of Tours ÐH™tel Kyriad Sports complexÐH™tel Kyriad
ProximitybetweenTours and Saint Pierre des Corps

THE DATES OF OURTOURNAMENT•Our tournament will take place from 22nd to 24thJune, 2018.•You arrival is scheduled on Thursday afternoon 21stJune, and you will be leaving at the end of the tournament on Sunday evening, 24thJune.•Our start is scheduled on Monday 25thJune before 11 am if you opt for an additional day in your selection (please refer to page 14).6

WHATGOALS FOR THISTOURNAMENT?•There are threeobjectives to the tournament:•Objective 1: it is a very good way for you to prepare for the 2018 world championship, due to potential participants from Belgium, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Britain. This tournament will provide suitable preparation for the world championship. •Objective 2: we believe that your sport should be publicized through greater media coverage. Our competition will definitely be an advantage to draw public attention.•Objective 3: last but not least, it will be a huge financial help for ApollineÕsparents along with a good opportunity to bring the association into the public eye.7

WHOARE WE?•We (ROY Alisson, DURAND Matthieu, PUISSANT Eliot and DYS Valentin) have been practicing basketball for 14 years. We are second-year students, currently attending a two-year post A-level university programmein business and administration management at the IUT de Tours, France.8

WHYTHISTOURNAMENT?•As part of our DUT program (the equivalent of the British Higher National Diploma), we are required to carry out a tutored project over a 2-year period. Having a mutual passion for basketball, it soon became clear to us that our project had to somehow be related to basketball. Quite logically, we came up with the idea of organizing a sports event that will draw public attention to a disability charity. The stated purpose of our event is to organize a fund-raising basketball tournament in partnership with the French Basketball Team. The money collected will go to ÒApolline, a step for the futureÓ, a charity organization.•Apolline, a 14-year-old girl who suffers from cerebral palsy, is currently seeking medical treatment abroad, better suited to her present condition. To help her parents meet the high costs involved with her treatment, we are planning to organize a basketball tournament intended to raise some of the money needed.

•The medical treatment that Apollinehas to go through amounts to approximately • 15,000, which Apolline'sfamily is unable to afford. The treatment is mainly available in Spain, the United States and Germany. The costs are high, mostly due to transport, accommodation and care.•The ÒApolline, a step for the futureÓ charity has been instrumental in raising funds to help ApollineÕsparents meet the costs involved in their daughterÕs medical treatment. However these costs are high and Apollinedefinitely needs you to help her get back on her feet. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!

Tibha 3.0 autre fédé ilovepdf compressed 1

PDF file: Tibha-3.0-autre fédé-ilovepdf-compressed-1.pdf

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