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January 31, 2018

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» Free upload new PDF document to DraGIF.com and convert to animation «

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Team BC1/BC2Pair BC3Pair BC4 BC1BC2BC3BC4BrazilBelgiumBrazilAzerbaijan x 1Belgium x 1Canada x 1 Czech Rep. x 1Great Britain BrazilCanada Czech Rep. x 1Czech Rep. x 1Czech Rep. x 1Poland x 1 GreeceGreat Britain CroatiaPoland x 1 Poland x 1 Germany x 1Spain x 1 IsraelGreeceGermanyUkraine x 1Ukraine x 1Japan x 1 Ukraine x 1Netherland Poland Great Britain PortugalPortugal Hungary Russia RussiaPortugalSlovakia SpainRussiaSpainSwedenSlovakia Thailand Thailand Thailand 1. Italy 1. Canada1. Greece1 . Croatia 1. UAE1. Slovakia 1. UAE2. Ukraine2. Japan2. Spain2. Azerbaijan2. Czech Rep.2. Chinese Taipei2. Czech Republic3. Czech Rep. 3. Germany3. Ukraine2. Morrocco3. Azwebaijan3. Denmark2. Azerbaijan4. Azerbaijan4. Czech Rep. 4. Czech Rep. 2. Iraq3. Morocco4. Germany2. Morocco5. Slovakia5. ItalyWaiting List BISFed 2018 Povoa Boccia World Open Slot AllocationSelection Criteria:Selection Criteria:1. Qualified hrough Regioanal Ranking; 2. Winner of Regional Open; 3. Prefered Selection qualified through World Ranking; *If not already qualified Host gets a Bipartie slot if top five in waiting list 1. Host country2. Individual World Ranking 3. No other competition opportunity*For the waiting list, draw will be made for side with the same allocation order


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