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Prove Them Wrong (infopack)

Prove Them Wrong (infopack)
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December 20, 2017

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VšI “Integracijos Centras”

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Lithuania
April 8-14 (6 people / country). Travel days: 7 & 15.

 Name: Prove Them Wrong (PTW); Framework: Erasmus+

 Activity: Youth Exchange
 Duration: 7 days (8-14th of April 2018) + 2 travel days (April 7th & 15th);
 Participating countries: Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom;
 Total number of participants: 6 per organization (36 in total).


All people agree that children are our future and they have to be lead to the best way in their life. However, this
project is about children who break or have broken laws. One of the sensitive problems that is widely seen in
every EU country that millions of juveniles are arrested on charges ranging from minor status offences, such as
theft, to such serious crimes such as burglary, robbery, rape, road traffic offences, violence against person,
homicide etc. Afterwards they more often than not face social exclusion are very limited future prospects, which
leads them back to crime. The organizations that united for this project believe that there is still a lack of
methods in youth work which can help young people prevent from re-offending; and that everyone should have
the opportunity to make solutions in similar situations and find a place back into society. Problem of young
people re-offending is seen all over Europe. Youth organizations from Portugal, Turkey, Czech Republic,
Lithuania, United Kingdom and Germany have joined up with an aim to: help young people prevent from re-
offending and improve the methods of reintegration. We all belief that educating young people is the key to
progress regarding juvenile delinquency.

Main objectives:

1) to develop youth’s understanding of juvenile delinquency as well as to provide them with specific tools and

support to fight that;
2) to identify the most common crimes youth are committing in participants’ countries, and find ways to reduce

3) to create methods that would help prevent young offenders from reoffending;
4) to raise public awareness about the importance of preventive action & reintegration;
5) to spread tolerance & boost cooperation between young offenders and non-offenders in order to create joint
work, inclusion, equality and social initiatives.

Apart from teaching the youth about the topic, and turning their ideas into practice, the setting of the project
will also allow to: - increase their social awareness and social responsibility; - facilitate an intercultural dialogue
and a sense of inclusion; - involve the youth in discussions and decision making; - keep the youth active and
enhance their social skills and multilingualism. The core of the project seeks that results would: 1) help to reduce
juvenile delinquency in general; and 2) reduce the numbers of re-offending youngsters as much as possible
across the participating countries and beyond.

1) Accommodation, living and other project related expenses: 100% funded by the EU.
2) 100 % of the travel costs, but no more than the maximum compensation amounts given below, will be
reimbursed upon presenting all necessary tickets & invoices.

Country Maximum compensation in € (per person)
Germany, Turkey, Check Republic, United Kingdom Up to 275

Portugal Up to 360

Since 2015 the official currency in Lithuania is Euro. The prices in Lithuania are not high as well (e.g. bus ride -
0.80 EUR, pizza - 4 EUR).

Firstly, you should find a flight to Kaunas (KUN) or Vilnius (VNO) airports. Flying to Riga (RIX) or Palanga (PLQ)
airports may also be an option, albeit much less preferable. The arrival day is 7th of April and the departure day
is 15th of April, 2018. Try to find a suitable option for the flights on these days.
• Coming to the venue from Kaunas airport is quite simple: there is a cheap and often city bus (no. 29 or
29E) connection. You can buy tickets at the driver and it costs 0.80 EUR per person (half the price for
• If you are coming from Vilnius, it is the best to take a train from the airport to Vilnius train station and
then change to the train going to Kaunas. Total cost: 6-7 EUR (half the price for students).
• The address of the main venue is Papilio str. 9, Kaunas. If you have troubles finding it, contact us and
we will help you get there (contact details are provided at the end of the info pack).
We will reimburse the travel expenses after the exchange by bank transfer, in accordance with the Erasmus+
framework. In order to make the reimbursement, it is compulsory that you have all the necessary documents
with you. If your travel costs exceed the official limits, the reimbursement will be limited to the maximum
amount of travel costs allocated for each country. If you fail to provide all the necessary travel documents, we
will be unable to reimburse you. For plane travel, the original documents that we need are: (1) Tickets and
Boarding Passes; (2) Invoice / Receipt. Keep your bus / train tickets as well! Travel by cars / taxis is not

Venue: Domus Pacis Guest House. Website: http://www.domuspacis.lt/en. Located at the center of the old
town, next to a park.

Rooms: with 2-4 beds. Towels and bed linen will be provided. The Main Activity Room is located at the same
building. WiFi internet connection is available (however, might be a bit limited). Organizers will provide
participants with three meals per day and two coffee breaks. Food will be served at the hotel or cafeterias nearby.
We strongly recommend each participant to inform the ORGANIZERS about any special dietary needs in advance.

Check the following websites to get to know more about our lovely Lithuania and Kaunas:
• http://www.likeablelithuania.com/welcome/?lang=en

• http://lietuva.lt/en/
• https://www.facebook.com/onLithuania

• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaunas
• http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Tourism-g274948-Kaunas_Kaunas_County-Vacations.html

All the participants will be expected to be present and active in all the activities, unless being ill. Unauthorised
absence from the activities and workshops won’t be tolerated. Smoking is prohibited everywhere inside buildings
(the guest house levies a fine of 30 EUR), thus all the smokers will have to go outside or to specially designated
areas for a cigarette. Any damages to the property of the guest house or the organisers will be deducted from
the travel reimbursements of the ones responsible.

• Milda Derenciute. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/milda.derenciute WhatsApp / Viber /

Phone: +37062197517
• Justinas Liaudinskas. Facebook: https://www.fb.com/justinas.liaudinskas WhatsApp / Viber / Phone:

+370 662 25531
If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail: info@refugees.lt
See you all in Lithuania!!!

Prove Them Wrong (infopack)

PDF file: Prove Them Wrong (infopack).pdf


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